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Megumi Takarai

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[13 Aug 2004|11:17am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Seth has been staying with me for a while - he's such a sweetie!

Ruushi is getting quite big now, but he's still as floppy and cuddly as ever. Bit like Seth ^.^

Okay, I have work to do, byebye minna~~~!!!

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[18 Jul 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I got a letter in the post from Hyde today.

It made me realise a few things that maybe I should have seen earlier...

I don't feel stupid.. I feel... betrayed.

I sat in the roof garden and read it with Ruushi. I'm not sure if the plants survived their assistance.

I mean, it's not as if I wasn't expecting it, but...

God, I feel so alone..................

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[13 Jul 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Seth took me out to the arcade today ^__^!

I was sitting around bored, so he just called up and offered to take me out!

He won me a bunny! (^O^) Actually, he won me a lot of things - he's really good at all the shooting games.

We were chased by paparazzi after a while, but we hid and ran away!! I think they got a few photos though, but they will all think that Sethy is Haido...

Sethy and Ruushi get on really well - it's so cute!! (^.^)! I'm going to make some more coffee.

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[13 Jun 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I named Puppy, and take him for lots of walks.

Why am I seemingly destined to be on my own?

Listening to some of Hyde's old CD collection, because he never took them away when he came to take his clothes last year.

Why me...? Why have I ended up mistreated like this...? All I ever wanted was to settle down with the man I love, but along has come all this other stuff, and he has decided I was never the one he wanted or needed anyway...

How do you think that makes me feel...?

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[07 Jun 2004|12:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

It's been SUCH a long time since I had something to say here! Gomengomengomen! sorrysorrysorry!!

I still haven't named puppy, but I thought maybe I might call him Kibou, meaning Wish (^__^) So cute!

He's a bit voracious and likes to chew things, but I got him toys to chew so he doesn't try to eat my clothes! (^_^)

Okay, I have to go now, because it is time for his lunch (^___^)


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[28 May 2004|02:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Haido bought me a PUPPY!! I can't believe it!! He's so cute (the puppy, not Haido - although, Haido is cute too (^__^) )

He came the day I waited for him, quite late, but he took me to a breeders place where they were selling puppies (^__^) We played with them for AGES, and I was really torn between a little dachshund and an alsation puppy...

But in the end Hyde helped me choose the alsation (^___^) He's such a darling~!

After that, we went shopping for puppy things, like a bed and food (^__^);

I played with him all day - he is very tiring to look after, but I know he's worth it (^____^)

On the first night, we both wore each other out playing, and after I put him to bed in the kitchen, he followed me upstairs (^_^); so cute! I moved his bed up there and covered the floor in newspaper, so now he sleeps in my room (^__^)

Okay, I have to go keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't wreck anything (^__^)

If anybody can think of a name Please Help!! (^__^)!!

Megu and Puppy

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[26 May 2004|05:18pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Yesterday, I went shopping with my Hyde. (^_^) We went with Yukihiro, Tetsu and Yukihiro's new girlfriend! She is called Meichan too, so I said everybody could call me Meguchan so we didn't get confused.

We went shopping in some lovely shops, and I helped Meichan make style decisions, and gave her tips. Yukihiro was really cute about it all and he bought her a dress and some shoes (^_^) I was very nearly jealous, because Yukihiro was telling Meichan how pretty she was, and I couldn't find Hyde.

But then Hyde walked into the changing room and just stopped dead and stared at how lovely I looked... it was so wonderful to feel him looking at me like that again.

We went to an expensive resturant for lunch, and Hyde refused to let Yuki or Tetchan pay, so that was cute (^_^);

But after that Hyde had to go and do some work for Last Quarter... I was a little upset that he hadn't told me about that, and he just dissapeared off and didn't come back...

It was okay though, because after that Tetchan, Yukichan, Meichan and I went shoe shopping (^_^);

Tetchan found some trainers with.. bouncy things on the bottom of them - I can't really explain what they were, but he is very cute when he is wearing them - they have a plastic oval on the bottom - I think they are sports shoes, and they were an idea which never really caught on, but they suit Tetchan so well. (^_^)

When we were shopping before lunch, Hyde was going to buy me a dress, but I coudn't find one I liked enough, but after lunch, I found a lovely dress that Hyde will just LOVE. So I bought that, and I found some nice black shoes to go with it. I hope Hyde will like it.

He said he would come and see me today, but it's not half past five and I haven't heard so much as a peep out of him all day.

Oh well, I never expected he would come anyway... whenever he promises to come and see me, he always has other things to do. I suppose it's okay, I mean - he IS very busy all the time, I kow that. I just wish he would tell me if he was coming or not..

I wanted to open the door wearing the dress for him, but I don't want to put it on in case he doesn't come...

Oh well, I'm going to go bring my plants in froom the roof garden - it looks like it might rain!

I hope it does rain (^_^) I can go and stand out on the roof in it and dance!

With much <3,

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[26 May 2004|03:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello (^_^)

I am Megumi, and these are my dreams!

With <3,

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